Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A list of things I wish were different about myself:

1.       That I were more humble

I annoy myself with my impulse to have last words, and know all the things.

2.       That I would be dependable

I was born with an almost complete insensitivity to plans and the importance of being on time.

3.       That I could give convincing compliments

I rarely believe anymore I can say something nice and sound sincere, I am much more fluent in sarcasm.

4.       That I didn’t have anxiety attacks over unimportant things

Talking to people. Calling customer service.  Making eye contact.

5.       That I didn’t watch so much t.v.

Always in the background, it has become a dear but obnoxious friend.

6.       That I answered the phone more often

Because of #4 I sometimes don’t answer the phone (especially if I haven’t been praying).

7.       That I picked up the phone to call more often

I always appreciate the good conversation afterword.

8.       That I could get angry (and not sin)

Some people get angry all over the place, other people get angry and don’t know where to put it.

9.       That I chose the awkward conversation over the stale relationship

Has to do with #4 and #8.

10.   That I not talk about minor successes as though they were conclusions

“Take heed those who stand…”

Just felt like sharing, mostly to help with #1 and unspoken #11 (finishing projects I start)

The end!