Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm baaaack

I’ve finally decided to blog again! It’s been on my mind for almost a year, every time I read a topic that has me agitated or pensive I think, “Why not blog again? You LOVE to talk, you LOVE to share your opinion which you feel is lacking, so why not?”

My “why not” this year was working full time, though now I think that was mostly an excuse to be lazy in my down time. My other more recent excuse was that my dog (who passed about a month ago) decided to chew my power cord to uselessness, and this was after he’d already popped off 20% of the keys.

But you know what, one of the lessons I have been working on in my personal life applies to this all. It’s the lesson that when someone wants to see something done they have to actually do it. If I want people to consider my perspective, or hear about my life’s journey, that isn’t going to happen on accident. I have so many areas personal and professional that demand that I follow through and this is just another one. Do I face mediocre obstacles? Yes, of course. Me not having a usable computer sucks. But I do have the kind of technology that allows me to use my phone to do amazing things that five years ago I couldn’t have done, and if I liken this to the western expansion I can lump myself in with the other great ones who made a way when one was not readily available.

I’m being dramatic but I want to keep things spicy for this grand return…

This being said I think I’m going to try talking about my business tomorrow (without trying to sell something). Lumped into the above category, I feel like there is much I’m learning about myself through trying to work out of my home part time that’s worth sharing. Until then…

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Kelsey said...

Hey Brooke! Good come back entry! Getting back on my blog has been on my mind as well, especially since we are on our way to Turkey! I look forward to reading more from you :-)